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Welcome to NWAV!

Welcome to the institutional memory pages for the New Ways of Analyzing Variation (NWAV) conferences! Here you'll find information about organising NWAV conferences.

About these pages

These pages were prepared by the NWAV44 Committee at the University of Toronto and York University and Abigaël Candelas de la Ossa and Selena Phillips-Boyle and are supported by Information & Instructional Technology Services for the Faculty of Arts & Sciences at the University of Toronto.

To add content to them, or if you have questions, please contact:

Naomi Nagy at

Please note that this tool should never house Confidential Information. “Confidential information” includes: - personally identifiable information such as student numbers or email address lists - student or employee records - financial information

General Policy: If you access/have this kind of data, you are required by University policy to secure the data. Some key links:


    • Timetables for conference planning
    • Registration
    • Student crash space
    • Planning meeting minutes
    • Budgets
    • Sponsorship and fundraising
    • Other finance information and correspondence
    • Programs
    • Booklets
    • Languages at NWAV
    • Venue
    • Social events
    • Merchandise
    • Local and on-the-day information
    • Calls for papers
    • Abstract reviewing
    • Papers and poster sessions
    • Special sessions
    • Certificates of attendance
    • Organizational structure
    • Volunteers
    • Session chairs
    • NWAV's Institutional Memory
    • LSA Involvement
    • General feedback
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